Collective Intelligence


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Our five-step adaptive process utilizes proven best-practice methodologies to unite the finest in interior retail design talent and creativity, while taking into consideration a project's budget, schedule, and most effective approach for execution.


Needs Assessment

The future of any store should be guided by, but not limited to, its past. We team up with the client, and start by gathering information and making observations in order to define project expectations, requirements, and goals; to describe and evaluate the creative stages; to establish the scope of services; and to develop a creative brief.

Strategy Development

Taking the time to listen, we ask the right questions so that we can generate new ideas as we shape and clarify the expectations of everyone involved. We determine what is practical, and formulate a platform that will be most conducive to discovering new innovations.


Applying the knowledge we’ve gained to define our best approach, we bring together specialists from inside the firm’s multidisciplinary group, as well as outside resources if necessary, to form a realistic work plan of parallel and integrated activities, including code and safety requirements, budgets, and timelines.


Space Planning & Utilization

Interior design is central to creating memorable retail experiences. We design by planning the consumer experience across the dimensional environment—to orient, engage, educate, entertain, and ultimately persuade. To meet each challenge, we move beyond it so that we can better understand how to approach it.

Concept Development

In this step, we explore alternative concepts using visual sketches and mockups. In our experience, we know that the more ideas we invite, the better the ideas will be. We include internal critiques and joint team work sessions. We check cost and feasibility considerations before moving on.

Interior Design & Lighting Design

Creating a distinctive vision through the selection of products, materials, lighting, and colors requires a balance of both the aesthetic and the practical. We carefully choose each finish to communicate the intended experience, to influence perception, and ultimately to appoint an effective persuasive environment for the presentation of merchandise and services.


Design Development

The concepts are now refined through additional internal critiques and joint client-team work sessions. We examine all elements individually, and formalize them into a comprehensive design presentation for review and approval.



Accurate, thorough, and timely documents are fundamental to delivering a coordinated and well-defined scope of work, to controlling costs, and to meeting schedule requirements. Our documents are among the most comprehensive in the industry, and widely recognized for their extensive content and ease of use in the procurement and construction process. When coordinated with our support services in the administration and management of the construction process, they result in projects that are complete and timely, meeting each one of the client's goals.

Consultant Coordination

We produce comprehensive contract documents and specifications, properly coordinating them with other professional disciplines for authority approvals, for bidding and negotiating contracts, and for the construction specifications required.


Contract Administration

During the construction process, we provide superlative support services in the administration and coordination of contract documents. We conduct regular site and shop visits, and perform thorough and timely reviews of shop drawings, also preparing lists of defects to address, thus ensuring that our client receives only the highest-quality workmanship, and exactly what is described in the documents.

Because of our in-depth knowledge of materials, techniques, methodologies, resources, cost analyses, and site experiences, we consistently control and meet our client's budget, schedule, and superior-quality objectives, across a variety of retail channels.